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IDM Consulting Services

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At IDM Consulting we provide expertise and guidance to local authorities, whether municipal or regional, on a range of issues that touch upon collective identifications necessary for the smooth functioning of local societies and markets. Our services include policy formulation and advise on local/regional identifications, including multiculturalism, integration and incorporation of immigrant and refugee populations on a local level, social and political engineering of monuments and public spaces, commemorative practices, sport identification and environmental identity formation among others.

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IDM Consulting actively participates in the design, coordination and execution of innovative EU-funded projects. As experts in identity issues, we are able to participate in multiple EU projects, providing for the identity dimension of every project. With our executive guidance and consultation, we are able to add unique elements to every program.  


IDM Consulting works closely with international and supranational authorities for the development of identity policies and projects that involve multiple stakeholders, transcending state boundaries. These may range from immigrant integration to ethnic minority representation policies to collective identifications that surpass national borders.

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We closely work with national authorities for delineating and structuring policies that apt on identity issues of a given peripheral or national context. States still play the major role in identity politics and engineering. With our executive guidance, state authorities reach the optimum results whether the project involves nation building policies, citizenship regulations, collective memory engineering, cultural and multicultural identity politics, religious identification, national commemoration or the integration and incorporation to the group of newly received populations.

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