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Frequently Asked Questions

We are restructuring our citizenship requirements and legislation. Can you help us?

IDM Consulting provides insightful guidance and support on drafting citizenship legislation, structuring integration and citizenship required exams, preparing required exam material, training, interview questions, taking into consideration fundamental human and specific national values and always in alignment with international human rights treaties and standards.

We are producing a new school history textbook and dealing with a sensitive issue of our nation’s colonial past. Can you help us?

IDM Consulting may provide a fresh and alternative view to a sensitive historical issue, aiming to adjust the narrative in order to reflect contemporary realities and challenges. With respect to the past and the historical facts, IDM Consulting helps their re-interpretation and re-production considering also current sensitivities and facts.

Our area has been the recipient of a significant refugee population of a different ethnicity and religion. This population is likely to stay here for the foreseeable future, causing concern to the local population and insecurity and distrust to the newcomers. Can you help us with this situation?

IDM Consulting may work closely with the relevant authorities to design policies and actions that will integrate the new populations into the host society. Our advice and policies take into consideration the cultural, religious, linguistic background and sensitivities of the newcomers, as well as the reservations and concerns of the local population. Our aim is to harmoniously incorporate the new population to the host location, for the mutual benefit of both the newcomers and the host society.

There is a national minority within the borders of our state that has in the past been subjected to discrimination from the state as well as manipulation by neighbouring states that are ethnically and religiously affiliated. We want to strengthen the allegiance of the minority to our state. Could you assist us with this?

At IDM Consulting we will suggest policies and actions that will result in the strengthening of the ties between the minority and the state. This would take place on different levels – political, social, economic and symbolic. The suggested policies, recognizing historical realities and acknowledging past challenges and current opportunities would make the minority feel at ease within the state and build trust between the two. The state would thus safeguard its territorial integrity and allegiance of its population, while the minority would enjoy the benefits of full citizenship within the state. 

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