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SterE(U)otypes: Tackling migrant stereotypes towards Europeans that impede their integration into the EU societies

‘SterE(U)otypes’ is an Erasmus Plus project which aims to combat stereotypes, disinformation and prejudiced perceptions of migrant youth towards the European societies they are hosted in, which impede their smooth integration into these host societies.

Often, migrant groups resist integration into a host society, in fear of cultural assimilation, and loss of identity or as a survival reaction to discrimination and xenophobia. These integration reactions usually employ stereotypes against the host society and the dominant cultural group that aim to emphasize the distinctive elements of the migrant population by exalting their cultural elements while downplaying those of the host society.

Project objectives

The primary objective of the project is to tackle these migrant stereotypes of their host societies. It will work with migrant youth and youth workers, training them to distinguish and acknowledge stereotypical perceptions and behaviours, thus diminishing their impact on integration.

Project results

The SterE(U)otypes project will develop:

a) A survey on migrant stereotypes of their host EU societies that will chart the stereotypical perceptions of migrants before and after their migration.

b) A Guidebook addressed to Youth Workers, and Educators that depicts and tackles stereotypes on the host society and the EU.

c) An e-Learning Training Course that aims to improve Youth Workers’ and Educators’ skills on how to identify and tackle migrant stereotypes on the EU host societies.


IDM Consulting (Coordinator, Netherlands)

C.I.P. Citizens in Power (Cyprus)


Duration: 01/01/2023 – 31/12/2023 (12 months)

Project number: KA210-YOU-28F56A51


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